50 Things That Make Me Feel Good

Written by @lea_wonder

Here’s the 50 things that make me feel good. Also 50 tips for you guys:)


1.  Work out

Have to be the top one! I like sweating and the feeling of out of breath. Feel so alive and fit after working out


2.  Shopping

So helpful! (Feeling embarrassed to say this and put this as a number 2 but yes!) If any of you can’t get this one, go and watch the film Confessions Of A Shopaholic, it explains everything.  (I don’t believe there’ll be someone who couldn’t get it though)


3.  Eat

Looks very opposite to the first one! But I like eating and I enjoy it! Sometimes I get great pics for Instagram, a bonus!


4.  Take pictures

Not just for the social media things, I love taking photos and editing them.


5.  Read books

Not have to be a serious book, it could be any book that interests you, like cheesy love story for me…lol. Because when you read you picture something in mind, it helps you to calm down and stay focused.


6.  Meditation

Headspace is recommended! Or you can find a peaceful music instead, it works for me!

I used やわらかな光 sometimes. (Google it! I love this one so much!)


  1. Cook

Pretty works for me! Cooking itself is even more interesting than time when you finally finish cooking and start to eat. I even learnt how to cook Thai food, that’s so cool when you put the chilli and milk together because we barely do so when cook chinese food.


  1. Read lifestyle blogs/Watch lifestyle youtube channels

Please note: to take this one as a reference and an encouragement. But never compare your life with theirs, cuz some of them might be fake.

You just get inspiration from it. Choose the ideas which are truly useful for you.


  1. Buy flowers.

You’ll never get too angry/depressed when you’re with flowers! (Good material for taking instag pics too!)


  1. Skin care/Get dressed

Girl things but! What works for every single one is, looking good brings you luck.


  1. Be a vegetarian/part-time vegetarian

I can’t do a full-time one because I know I need meat sometimes. So I’m only a vegetarian for lunch. I eat Tofu-vegetable-bowl for the most time.


  1. Turn off notification of your chat app.

I love this idea and fully follow it! Sometimes you’ll get stressed when you see the messages, so choose the time when you want to open the app and see those.

Not a good suggestion for everyone but worthy for a try if you want to stay alone sometimes.


  1. Avoid bad news from internet.

I mean, sometimes you might see a title of bad news, you know it’ll bring you some negative mental things, but you still can’t help but click on.

My suggestion is, next time when you have the same feeling, do avoid it.


  1. Watch the films that make you cry

Well, when I mention this, I actually mean CRY sometimes. And a film is a good channel that helps you cry.

The film that made me cry the most is About Time, By Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson. (The first time I watched it I was alright, but the second time I cried like an idiot.)

Find a good one for yourself.


  1. Write dairies.

Don’t take it as a mission or daily Must-do, write whenever you want, and the most important, be honest about your emotion.


  1. Talk with family/friends

Always a wise idea.


  1. Go to see the dentist.

Weird? But everytime when I was out of the hospital I felt better than before. Teeth are important!


  1. Make plans

I even make plans for my skin care things, like which mask I’ll use on Mondays, which on Tuesdays etc. Get things organized and you’ll follow them easily.


  1. Learn a new language.

Learning language doesn’t mean you know how to say hello, thank you and goodbye, it means you LEARN it and eventually you’ll be able to speak it.

I learn German, and I majored in German before. Well, still can’t speak it well and everyone thinks I majored in English…How embarrassing…

Seriously do you guys have any recommendations of german TV shows or films? I’ve only watched Unsere Mütter Und Unsere Väter, that was truly, amazingly good. But I don’t have any idea of others.


  1. Travel

Of course! So obvious that I feel ashamed to say this. But here’s an suggestion, never ever go with a group! Travel individually. Make plans for yourself, tailored ones.


  1. Make smoothies for yourself.

Coffee is good and smoothies are better.

My fav flavour: blueberries + Strawberries + bananas + ice for sure.


  1. Take a shower

Choose a nice lotion, I like ones smell like chocolate.


  1. Walk in the rain

Sounds terribly romantic but no use at all? Not in that way. Actually as science is showing, the negative ions in the rainy air help you to keep fit and happy.


  1. Write letters to the future you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you should write a letter like “Open it 20 years later”, believe or not, you probably can’t find this letter 20 years later!

I mean a shortly future yourself, the best interval in my opinion is a quarter, do it as “Open it in Summer/Autumn/Winter/next year Spring”.

It’s not like dairy, in this letter you talk about mainly what you’re struggling with right now and how you’re gonna figure out, check it in the next quarter and see if you’ve achieved your goals.


  1. Music

Another obvious thing. Don’t just listen to music! Sing (and even dance) with it!


  1. Yell

It helps sooo much! Everytime when you get stressed, find a decent place and yell.


  1. “It shall pass” & “Good things take time”

Believe in those sentences above. You know you could survive from the darkness.


  1. Fly somewhere

Why I list this after Iisting Travel, well, cuz they’re two different things. When I say “fly somewhere”, I mean sometimes you just need a flight. To experince and to feel, the plane takes off, you fly up to the sky and go cross the clouds…several hours later the plane lands, you feel all the things back to your control.


  1. Don’t get the thing worse.

“Don’t get the thing worse” is also a key to happiness. When you’re angry, mad or sad, you do things that make you regret in the future. Don’t say anything harmful to people you love, don’t break the things you like, don’t destroy things you’ve beening working on.


  1. Show your weakness

Just an example, when I was told my wisdom teeth need to be pulled out I was freaking out. So I opened my chat app and told everyone that I was freaking out. And then things got sorted and I felt quite calm the whole time. If you don’t tell, and insist to pretend you’re fine. You scare yourself all the time.

It even works for the mental things.


  1. Choose bright colors.

Red and orange etc. Let those colors be a part of you, your lipstick, your clothes, bag or shoes. Or your nail look, necklace, scarf, phone cover, anything! Choose some bright colors to light up your day.


  1. Go to bed at a decent time.

Never sleep late no matter what! And sleep enough! Don’t bring your phone to your bed. If you need an alarm clock, buy one, don’t use the one on your phone.


  1. Avoid cold war.

If you argue with someone you love, apologize as soon as you can (of course things happened when he/she didn’t aplogize to you within three hours lol). You could even make a deal with others, find a specific word to replace SORRY for you. My parents say “Noodles” or cook noodles everytime when they want to aplogize I don’t know why! But worked all the time.


  1. Decorate your house/apartment/your room.

If you think painting the wall is too big a deal for you, buy some flowers/plants, or hoose some great pictures and hang them up!


  1. Listen to a flim while you’re working.

Are you allowed to wear your earphone while you’re working? If you could (when you’re not that busy), try to listen to a film first before listenning to music. It’s actually pretty cool.


  1. Talk with children and old people.

When you talk with children, you find yourself believe in good things easily. When you talk with old people, you get wiser.


  1. Alcohol

Drinking a little helps us to clean the mind and calm down. For me, I love Mojito, Litchi Martini, original wine and beer. And I love warm wine so much in winter and I cook for myself all the time.

Things you might need: Wine (obviously), Sugar, Cassia (just a little), Orange/Apple (depends on you)


  1. Buy sth that you can hug

A doll? Or even a big pillow. Trust me, sometimes you’ll want to hug sth but nobody is around you. (But wash this often)


  1. Smile

Not for being polite but for feeling good. Smile as often as you can. Don’t make your smile a fake one, try to smile with your heart. If you could hold this for a long time, you’ll eventually feel happy.


  1. Look forward

Believe or not, I’m quite a sucker for good memories, sometimes I’m stuck in it and feeling sad that I can’t go back.

Well, the thing is, there’s never a time machine (not at least now), so you can’t go back, you really can’t. So face it and look forward. If you like some specific moments in the past, make your future be like those. Try to create the same situation for yourself again.


  1. Walk home sometimes if possible

Stay far away from the traffic jam, and slow down, look around and observe things passing by.


  1. Never compare yourself to others.

You’re unique and everyone has its own clock.


  1. Wear perfume and use scented candles.

My favorite perfume all the time: Rhythm from Burberry. It’s actually a male perfume, but it smells like rain and grass, I just can’t get over it.

  1. Massage

Always works by all means.


  1. Treat yourself with something sweet.

Could be candies, chocolates and all kinds of cakes.


  1. Slow down

You know lots of students give themselves a gap year to experience something new, or just for having a rest. You could give yourself a gap day or a gap week.

Don’t push things that hard. Nothing has to be finished today.


  1. Exchange gifts with my best friends.

We don’t have to do this for celebrating festivals or bdays. Sometimes we just do it without a reason and I LOVE unpacking things so much! And I love wirting cards to my besties. Always have lots of things to share with them.


  1. Find your own life motto/Believe sth good.

Do pray sometimes, and do follow your motto all the time. Don’t hesitate, don’t give up.


  1. Love

We’re only missing Love to “Eat Pray Love”, so we’re going to highlight it here. To love, and be loved.


  1. Write down “50 things that make me happy” like right now and go follow it.




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