A Toast for The New Chapter: #BehindTheScenes

Written by @dorothy.x.yang


After a few months’ organization and preparation, I’m finally starting my first blog post! Applause plz👏

As most of you may know me @dorothy.x.yang and my friend @Lea_Wonder from Instagram, you may have seen our photos for traveling, lifestyle and stuff. However, starting a website is a significant step for us. We promise it is going to be something FUN and DIFFERENT! We want to share with you the REAL us behind the social media platforms.

So, why did I decide to do this? A few weeks ago, a couple of friends asked me some questions about my “Instagram career”. It sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it? Those people know me since like… forever, but they’re still curious about my daily life routine. Therefore, I find it quite interesting to share the real myself, or the so-called me behind the scenes with you guys.

My Short Bio
I’m a student in Munich majoring in Literature and Business and started using Instagram 2 years ago. (The main reason is Lea always told me how fun Instagram is🤦‍♀️)

In the beginning, I merely wanted to share my travel photos and outfit inspirations, but since we had a travel Instagram account @LifestyleTravelblog, I mostly posted travel photos there and my personal account @dorothy.x.yang is all about my life.

If you take a closer look at people I’m following on Instagram (especially famous bloggers), you’ll notice I’m quite picky when it comes to following people.

I don’t just follow anyone that looks fancy. Sorry to say that, but “people’s glamorous look” and “wonderful lifestyle” have nothing to do with me. Instagram is all about showing the good side of the life, which I get it, but it may mean the “artificial side” sometimes.

I’m not a fan of using hundreds of filters and photoshopping the photos so much that even my parents couldn’t recognize me🤔

In a word, I DON’T really care about what another blonde beautiful girl with a perfect face and body shape wears and how wonderful her life looks like. What does it have to do with those who are 5’3 tall with brown hair and round face?
No offense though, just taking it as an example.
(And btw Lea thinks in a different way as I, lol😂 She’ll tell more about it in her chapter)

But if I, for example, follow Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez, I’ll at least know which haircut I could try as well, which sunglasses make my face not that round etc., I’ll get some inspirations.
(If you have the same problem YOU SHOULD KNOW how hard it is for a round face to find suitable sunglasses).

I was not confident about myself at all a while ago. I hate being taken photos, it was until one day a photographer captured the best angle and showed me the photo — where I had some professional make-up and hairstyle, being captured by the professional photographer, and being professionally edited, of course. 😂

It was that moment that makes me think about the difference between us and a magazine cover would be the professional team and set up (as I mentioned before).

In fact, everyone has a beautiful side. This side has nothing to do with your ethnicity, hair color, eyes color, body shape and so on. Everyone is beautiful, in their own way.
Beautiful= BeYoutiful.

It makes me think about more. 
Are we sometimes too strict with ourselves?
Why do we keep comparing ourselves with the over-photoshopped images on the Internet even if we know they aren’t true?
Why is there an unspoken understanding of only ONE standard of beauty?
Is it really fun when we homogenize all the individuals when they are supposed to be in different ways?

No, at least I don’t think so.

Again, that’s why I want to share my ideas and experience on this blog. In my opinion, blogging is NOT about self-promotion, but more about providing inspiring, creative ideas and bringing positive influence. I’m also planning a project to share the experience and views from more bloggers’ and experts from different fields.

I want to use my little strength to spread the message: WE ARE ALL THE SAME BEHIND THE SCENES. So plz stop comparing ourselves with the perfect images that don’t even exist, stop body shaming and underestimating!

(It may sound like another inspirational nonsense, but it is what we all need)


I’m still working on it but it will be on our website soon.

Please stay tuned and thank you guys for reading this.

Ps. One last thing you’ll have to know about me (or us😆), which is we keep changing our minds. We are having new and creative ideas every day, so the template of the website may be changed when you guys visit it the next time:)


Yours sincerely,

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