A Week Without Social Media

Written by @dorothy.x.yang

February is my least favorite month of the year. One reason for that is bcz February is often connected with exam periods, with all the stress and pressure coming with it as well.

Due to some different reasons, I deleted Instagram and WeChat, my fav social media apps, for one week. Can’t remember since when I started to use those social media apps, but since then my life has changed in a lot of different ways:


I started to go online 24/7;

I get obsessed to check how many people have read my Instagram story or sent me messages, like every single minute;

I started to take a lot of photos about every meal I eat, every coffee shop I go and every friend I meet, which makes my phone storage soon get full;

Even if there is nothing new, I can still spend hours on those apps… for doing nothing!



All of these freaks me out, especially during exam period. As a procrastinating person, I really need the week right before exams to “preview” and review every subject. If social media is taking me too much time, I would have to spend my sleep time to study. Since I suffer from severe insomnia since forever, it would really be the last thing in the world I want.

So… all of a sudden, I made this impromptu decision.


At the first day, I feel like I’ve lost sth very important… I simply couldn’t share my news with my frds, I didn’t have access to the popular topics and articles from some accounts I subscribed, and I didn’t have a place to share my photos.

But after a few days, I soon get adapt to it. It feels like I have more time in one day than before, and I’m using my time wisely to focus on me: who I am, what I want and what I like. I actually had a better feeling during the week.

At the end of the week, I downloaded those apps again. As I supposed before, I’ve received several messages from friends, I replied them one after another and explained why I was answering so late. Now that I’m done with all the exams and feel less stress


It is just feeling so good when we reckon we’re FINALLY doing something meaningful instead of feeling the total emptiness after surfing on the Internet and chilling all day. Nothing feels better than getting to know that we’re making progress in whatever way and working toward our goal.

Maybe we all need ONE week without social media, not only to temporarily escape from all the stress and pressure around me, but also to think about ourselves in peace. When we are receiving too muh information from the outside world,  we are likely to get influenced by them and are not sure who we are anymore.

I still have a long way to go to overcome procrastination, though, at least know I’ll try to reduce less time on social media and focus more on my real life.








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