Meet us @ Afternoon Tea in Munich

Written by @dorothy.x.yang & @lea_wonder

Chinese Version – 中文版

In your beautiful fantasy, you’re having afternoon tea with your girls🍮

While in reality, you’re just busy taking pics

then editing them, selecting several of the best ones and trying to figure out the order for your feed and find a perfect timing to post them😔

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You may see those beautiful pics on our page🌟

but you may not see how we struggle to select the perfect one out of 300 less good ones

how we spent hours and hours in planning the whole of next few months’ posts in advance;

how we get defeated and stressed out once in a while, and how we encourage each other to carry on.

Any so-called “perfect page” you see, is full of imperfect scenes and moments behind💦

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

But I still think everyone needs the tea time☕

Not for a perfect pic on social media,

but for slowing down and simply enjoying the desserts

Keep calm and forget about calories

Treat yourself with something sweet🍰


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That’s why Lifestyle & Travelblog is organising this offline activity “Instagram Afternoon Tea” for you,

we would like to show you more #BehindTheScenes


Date:                          14. September 14:00 – 16:00

Location:                  Munich, Germany

Speakers:      @jumpfitagnes                @csssophia              @dorothy.x.yang     


Registration is required!


Looking forward to meeting you all in person,

Happy weekend to you all🌸


D. & L.

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