My Diary Knows…

Written by @lea_wonder

Hey guys, you know what, ever since I decided to share more on social media,

I started to find lots of things that worth sharing, and I was like, seriously?

Am I going to blog or something?


Earlier today I was kind of bored so I started to read my so-called diary

(I’ll explain why it’s a little bit different later),

and one hour passed, there’s only one thing left in my mind,

that’s I have to recommend you guys to write diaries,

to literally write down your thoughts.


Idk currently how many of you are still doing this,

cuz we all lead a busy life out there,

struggling with the very limited 24 hours everyday.

You may ask how could I manage to keep a diary with my daily work undone,

I mean I know it I feel the same but still…

I never realized what diaries are written for until several hours ago I read them.




So here’s my story, I started to keep a shared diary

(I won’t make it detailed about how it works)

with my best friend since February 2015,

and we’re still doing this every single day,

sometimes we write very little,

but four years later now we have more than 63k individual notes in the diary,

believe or not it’s impressive.


So when I read it today I started it from the very beginning,

and memories were hitting me like no kidding.

We simply talked about everything,

guys, makeup and skincare, the struggles, dreams…

some of them I’ve already forgotten,

but there they are, reminding you of everything immediately.


The most touching thing is, those words are just explaining where we are right now,

they’re making all our current dreams so reasonable and paths so visible,

and it’s so impressive to see how innocent but firm and steady we were,

and how far we’ve come.


And then I felt so grateful

that the original four-year-younger me

was exactly who I am right now,

the same to my best friend.


So you might get the point somehow the diary is the best version of encouragements,

because it’s from yourself.

They give you a reason to keep going

because you just can’t let go and fail yourself.

And that’s how I feel, just kinda wanna share to you,

no matter how many of you will actually read this.


I mean lol thank you anyways,




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